Admission Requirements and Procedures

Grace University admits all qualified applicants regardless of sex, nationality, creed,
disability, or ethnic origin. The university recruits and admits only those students who have
the potential to complete the programs successfully. The prospective student’s motivation
and interest in succeeding in his/her chosen field are important factors for admissions
consideration, as well as the student’s academic qualification.

Graduate Admission Requirements

An applicant to the Master of Management (M.M.) program at Grace University must possess
a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution; or an
earned master’s degree or higher from an accredited institution;
Submit a portfolio of evidence that shows adequate preparation for graduate studies. The
portfolio will contain writing samples that show graduate level skills in communications and
business analysis; a detailed CV showing professional development and achievements; letters
of reference from persons who can attest to the applicant’s ability to do graduate-level work;
and a letter of explanation stating the reasons the student believes he or she is a good
candidate for graduate study in organizational management.

Application Procedures

Students applying for the Master’s degree must observe the following procedures:

● Complete the application form (available in the Admissions Office) and submit it
together with the $100 (non-refundable) application fee to the Admissions Office.
● Submit a copy of a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree diploma and its
corresponding official transcript showing evidence of completion of the degree to the
Admissions Office.
● Admission to Grace University is based on the combination of strength of the
educational curriculum undertaken and cumulative grade point average. Prospective
students’; applications will be reviewed and decision made for admission on an individual
basis by the Admissions Director. Applicants may be asked to provide additional
evidence of academic proficiency.

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