Bachelor of Business Administration

Learn how to pursue your passion in a systematic and profitable manner. Economics, finance, business law, marketing, technology, and management skills will prepare you for a lifetime of leadership and accomplishment. Make one of the best investments of your life by earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from GraceU.

General Education / Lower Division Courses (88 Quarter Units)

All courses are 4 quarter units unless otherwise noted.
• ENGL 101 Written Communication
• ENGL 201 Expository Writing I
• PHIL 150 Critical Thinking
• SPCH 150 Oral Communication
• CHR 111A Christian Ethics
• CHR 111B Christian Leadership
• MATH 101 Mathematics for Business
• ART 101 History of Western Art
• PHIL 151 Philosophy of Knowledge, Ideas, and Human Values
• GEO 101 Geography of the Bible Lands
• BIO102 Fundamentals of Biology
• HIST 101 United States Civilization
• HIST102 History of Christianity
• POLS 155 Political Science
• SOC 103 Sociology
• PSYC 101 Psychology
• ACCT 201 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
• ECON 181 Economics
• FIN 207 Introduction to Business Finance
• LAW 101 Foundations of Business Law
• MGT 191 Introduction to Management
• MIS 111 Management Computer Systems

Required Upper Division Courses (92 Quarter Units)

All courses are 4 quarter units unless otherwise noted.
• BA 301 Principles of Marketing
• BA 302 Applied Business and Economic Statistics
• BA 303 Production and Operations Management
• BA 304 Small Business Finance
• BA 305 Business Responsibility in Society
• BA 306 Business Law
• BA 307 Christian Ethics in Business
• BA 308 Managerial Accounting
• BA 309 Management Information Systems
• BA 401 Management Theory and Practice
• BA 402 Non-Profit Organization Management
• BA 403 Integrated Decision-Making in Business
• BA 404 Comparative Management
• BA 405 Business Communications
• MATH 301 Quantitative Methods in Business
• ENG 301 Expository Writing II
• ENG 302 Communication Theory
• IBA 401 International Business
• IBA 402 International Marketing Management
• IBA 403 Principles of International Economics
• IBA 404 Import-Export Management
• IBA 405 Multinational Financial Management
• IBA 406 Public Relations Methods for Multinational Bus.

Elective Courses

All courses are 4 quarter units unless otherwise noted.

• ACCT 101: Accounting

This course serves as an introduction of accounting theory with some elements on the practical
application of accounting. The course will focus on the study of accounting techniques that will
help students in communicating financial information. In addition, students will learn analytical
skills as it pertains to analyzing of financial information and summarizing it as they prepare
financial statements.

• SCI 101 Fundamentals of Data Analysis

The main focus of this course is to help students understand the different levels of data analysis
by exposing student to the different types of data analytics. The course is designed to equip
students with basic skills to be able to handle the current demand from large and small
organizations as they turn to data to help with the continuous data-driven decisions that lead to
process and production improvements

• SOC 151 Human Geography

This course helps students process, understand, and hone skills related to intercultural
knowledge. The course serves as an exploratory survey of concepts, models, and application of
the cultural landscapes of both local, global, and contemporary human geography. Through this
course, students will use the spatial approach to help reveal the geographical perspectives on
population, language, pop and folk culture, including migration, political systems, settlement,
and issues relating to the environment.

• HIST 103 Modern World History

This course is designed to give students an understanding of the many events that shaped the
modern world. It outlines the events that not only forced people to reorganize, but also
redesigned cultures as well as economies as the dealings with major regions since the 1500s.

• MIN 101 Ministry Foundations

This course gives you a great foundation for pursuing basic ministry and developing students’
Christian leadership. This course is foundational for those who want to serve in a voluntary or
salary position in ministry.

• SCI 112 Introduction to Computer Science

The course introduces students to basic computer hardware, software, and networking. The
course will familiarize students with file management, spreadsheets, database management,
home networks and more.

• BRE 101 Introduction to Biblical Studies

This course is designed to introduces students to the academic discipline of biblical studies,
which will help students explore the theological and historical aspects of the Bible. Additionally,
the course will provide students, through the lens of academics, exploration tools for biblical
research that will help enrich their ministry.

• BRE 102 Introduction to Old Testament

The course serves as an introduction to the literature of the Old Testament as it relates to Israel
and the great figures of this text. The course will also guide students, through readings of the
Bible, a basic understanding of the life of people in ancient times as people of faith attempted to
relate to God.

• BRE 103 Introduction to New Testament

Students will explore the New Testament through reading of the four gospels. The course will
focus on helping students generate an understanding of the gospels as they read and observe how
early Christian communities attempt and succeed in expanding Christianity.

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